Saturday, February 2, 2008

THE List...

Bobbi’s 101 List –done by Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bake a cake from scratch.
Go to a wine tasting.
Make an entire pie from scratch.
Cook an entire meal for someone else.
Make guacamole.
Develop a taste for wine.
Eat a really good steak.
Try a food that I’ve never tried before.
Make homemade noodles.

Raise GPA by at least .6 points.
Use planner on a daily basis.
Decide on a med school.
Save $1,000.
Get a full time job during the summer.
Buy a car.
Set up a savings account, make deposits regularly.
Go one month without eating out.
Create a budget and stick to it.
Save ALL of my change.
Get all A’s for a semester.

Artsy Stuff:
Knit a pair of mittens for myself.
See a musical that’s not put on by my school.
See a Shakespeare show.

The Boyfriend:
Send a care package to Clayton.
Buy a sexy outfit.
Wear said sexy outfit.
Have a game night with Clayton.

A Better Bobbi:
Work out at least once a week.
Learn sign language.
Get CPR certified.
Buy flowers for someone who is having a bad day.
Read a book not assigned in class.
Go to an art museum.
Drink a glass of milk every day for one month.
Start a journal.
Get up-to-date on political issues and candidate stances.
Vote in the Presidential election.
Spend a day with my brother.
Watch a presidential debate.
Take at least one kickboxing class.
Take at least one yoga class.
Take a dance class.
Join/start a book club.
Get into the habit of making my bed daily.
Write down everyone’s birthday and keep track of them.
Start flossing every night.
Write a letter to mom and dad.
Go to church on Christmas or Easter.

Go Green!:
Use tote instead of plastic bags when shopping.
Go veg for 1 week.
Grow a flower.
Get into the habit of recycling.
Try tofu.
Visit a farmers’ market.
Plant a tree.
Stop using bottled water.

Donate clothes I don’t wear and be honest with myself about it.
Knit something for charity.
Send a care package to a soldier.
Participate in Relay for Life.
Donate $1 for every item not completed.

Leave the country.
Visit an island.
Take a road trip to a state I’ve never been to.
Ride in an airplane.
Go shopping in a big city.
Get a passport.

Fun Stuff/Miscellaneous:
Get a new purse.
Update my wardrobe.
Go fishing.
Use up all my extra soap/lotion.
Go to the zoo.
Go to a fancy restaurant and wear a dress.
Get a new phone.
Start 101 blog and maintain it.
Have a real “girls’ night”.
Go ice skating.
Go roller skating.
Attend Christmas on the Square.
Pick apples.
Get PhotoShop and learn how to use it.
Go to a car show.
Learn to drive a stick shift.
Shoot a gun.
Go to a college or major league baseball game.
Get a pedicure and manicure with a friend.
Have a spa day.
Get a psychic reading.
Build a sand castle.
Pick a pumpkin and carve it. (No patterns)
Buy a pair of hooker boots.
Climb a rock wall.
Go paintballing.
Make a gingerbread house.
Have a girly day with mom.
Go swimming in a lake.
Paint something.
Play a round of golf.
Make balloon animals.
Color an entire sidewalk with chalk.